Summary of the submitted applications to the defender

Summary of the submitted applications to the defender

In the period between July 17 and 22, RA Human Rights Defender’s Office received overall 114 written and oral applications.


The applications mainly concerned apprehensions of citizens by police officers, violence against them, seizure of citizens’ property in breach of the prescribed procedure and failure to return the property, obstacles towards lawyers’ entrance to Police stations and failure to ensure the apprehended persons’ right to phone calls.


On the basis of the above applications, as well as the information available in the mass media, RA Human Rights Defender initiated discussion procedures of the applications. Oral and written requests for clarifications were presented to respective state authorities.


With a view to getting familiarized with the existing situation on the spot and with the legal grounds for apprehending the citizens, the level of the protection of their rights, RA Human Rights Defender and representatives of the staff made more than 40 visits to different divisions of the Police, medical institutions, etc.


Later we will present proposals for undertaking respective actions in relation to the incidents recorded and the measures taken by us.