Summary of the elections of local self-governing bodies

Summary of the elections of local self-governing bodies

On November 5, the election day of local self-governing bodies, the central and regional departments of the Human Rights Defender’s Office examined the information on alleged violations of the right to election, and working groups were dispatched to regions.


52 social network and mass media publications related to the elections have been examined.


Publications related to congregations of groups and cars in the vicinities of polling stations, the confidentiality of voting, bribing the voters, guiding the citizens, the placement of furniture, as well as questions on organization and the conduct of elections.   


Questions raised in 16 cases on electoral rights violations were confirmed, and they were solved through an accelerated process as a result of the work conducted jointly with the Central Electoral Commission.


The Human Rights Defender’s Office separately examined information about possible obstacles to the work of journalists and observers. One of the oral complaints received through the hotline related to request for journalistic information, and the other – obstruction of the performance of professional activities.


In this respect, the information on the obstruction of the performance of professional activities of the videotaping group of “Tsayg” TV channel and “Aysor” news, as well as the details on bribing of voters at polling station Akhuryan 32/01 will be sent to criminal prosecution authorities to be examined in the framework of criminal procedure.