Statement in regard to the application of Andreas Ghukasyan’s wife

Statement in regard to the application of Andreas Ghukasyan’s wife

Today at the end of the working day Anahit Tarkhanyan, wife of Andreas Ghukasyan, submitted a complaint to the RA Human Rights Defender’s Office regarding the hunger strike of A. Ghukasyan and his health condition.


Immediately after presenting the complaint A. Tarkhanyan was received by Arman Tatoyan, the RA Human Rights Defender.


Besides from the mentioned, today in the framework of the regular visit to Nubarashen Penitentiary Institution of the Ministry of Justice, the representatives of the Department for Torture and Ill-Treatment at the Human Rights Defender’s Office met with A. Ghukasyan. A private conversation was held with him as well as examination of documents relating to him was carried out.


With the aim of resolving the issues raised in A. Tarkhanyan’s complaint an immediate discussion was organized with the Penitentiary Service of the RA Ministry of Justice. 


As a result, an agreement was made concerning the following:


1. To ensure unimpeded entrance of A. Tarkhanyan’s or A. Ghukasyan’s preferred doctor to Nubarashen Penitentiary Institution in order to examine Andreas Ghukasyan’s health condition;


2. To implement immediately the examinations mentioned in A. Tarkhanyan’s application, as well as by A. Ghukasyan during the private conversation with him by the Penitentiary Service during the upcoming non-working days.  


3. To initiate a procedure aimed at ensuring Andreas Ghukasyan’s examination at a civil hospital.


In relation to A. Tarkhanyan’s application a written discussion procedure was initiated at the Human Rights Defender’s Office.