Tunisian guests visited Tsitsernakaberd memorial

Tunisian guests visited Tsitsernakaberd memorial

Deputy-President of National Authority for the Prevention of Torture of the Republic of Tunisia Nabiha Kefi Ep Badri and Secretary General Dhiaeddine Mourou are in Armenia on an official visit.


Today, they visited Genocide Memorial accompanied by the RA Human Rights Defender.


The members of the delegation laid flowers at the eternal fire and honored the memory of the innocent victims with a minute of silence.


The guests also visited the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute, got acquainted with the documents proving the Armenian Genocide and left a note in the Memory Book of Honorable Guests. 


As a reminder, within the framework of the project implemented by the Council of Europe, the experience of the Human Rights Defender’s Office as National Preventive Mechanism has been introduced to other countries for implementation.


For the same purpose the representatives of the National Center for Human Rights of the Kingdom of Morocco visited Yerevan in July.