Arman Tatoyan. The armed attack was followed by hate speech propaganda

Arman Tatoyan. The armed attack was followed by hate speech propaganda
  1. The events unfolding from the morning of July 17 are accompanied by grave violations of fundamental human rights. As a result of armed attack at Police Patrol-Sentry service regiment a police officer was killed and some were wounded.


  1. The armed attack was followed by unprecedented kindling to hate and campaign for violence.


  1. Peaceful as well as violent assemblies took place. During those assemblies the Police violated rights to peaceful assembly and to personal liberty; reports on torture and ill-treatment were also published.


  1. Hate speech and advocacy of violence, as well as violations committed by the Police created an atmosphere of tension, which in its turn contributed to the increase of number of cases of violence.  


  1. The tension got more heated with the armed group at the Police Patrol-Sentry service regiment demonstrating a behavior - dangerous from human rights protection perspective (setting cars on fire, calls for violence during live broadcasting, irregular shootings etc.). The mentioned behavior directly endangers the rights of people, more specifically rights of vulnerable groups (children, elderly) inhabiting near the Patrol-Sentry service regiment.


  1. Unfortunately, as a result of exchange of gunfire on July 27 some members of the group, as well as law-enforcement officers were wounded.


  1. On the same day information was disseminated according to which the medical personnel which entered the Patrol-Sentry service regiment to provide medical assistance to the members of the armed group was held hostage. This is absolutely impermissible taking into specific consideration the humanitarian mission the doctors carry. According to published information the members of the armed group hinder the doctors from providing medical assistance to wounded members. The latter makes the situation more worrisome.


  1. On the same day the mentioned-above piece of information was followed by another one which provided that some members of the armed group are being held in the Patrol-Sentry service regiment against their will and don’t have any possibility of leaving the territory of the regiment without risking their lives.


  1. All of the above-presented led to continued deepening of intolerance within the society. It is very alarming that separate groups publicly and clearly encourage calls for hatred and violence, even calls for acting outside the scope of the law. It is evident that private and family life of those against whom the hatred is directed is being disregarded. Occurrences (e.g., warning that there were bombs in Zvartnots airport and in one of TV stations) creating an alarm state are added to already existing situation which is impermissible from the perspective of all international requirements.


10. This situation impairs the ability of competent state institutions to undertake effective means of preventing violations of human rights, as well as dully responding to such violations. It also undermines the trust in these institutions. In this connection the whole system of ensuring human rights in Armenia becomes gravely endangered, which in its turn leaves negative consequences on the state of rule of law.


  1. Therefore, it is necessary that relevant state bodies and public officials intensify their efforts towards eliminating and further preventing all kinds of human rights violations. It is indispensable to restore the atmosphere of tolerance in the society and finally to ensure peaceful and safe settling of the existing situation.




Human Rights Defender of the Republic of Armenia