Statement of the Defender on the international arrest warrant issued for the MEPs

Statement of the Defender on the international arrest warrant issued for the MEPs

Yesterday, the Azerbaijani media reported that the Azerbaijani authorities have issued an international arrest warrant for the Members of the European Parliament (MEP), Frank Engel (Luxembourg), Eleni Theocharous (Cyprus) and Jaromír Štětina (Czech Republic) for visiting Artsakh and carrying out observation mission during the constitutional referendum. Moreover, according to the information spread, the decision on the detention of MEPs has been already made by the Azerbaijani court, and allegedly they are wanted by the Interpol.


By spreading such absurd and false information, Azerbaijan will fail in achieving any result. As has already been officially confirmed by the Police of the Republic of Armenia, the MEPs are not wanted according to the Interpol database.


By the contrary precedent principle in regard to Alexander Lapshin’s case, the visits of international officials and journalists to Artsakh will become more frequent. Such vicious steps of Azerbaijan will particularly contribute to this. The visit of 104 international observers from 30 countries of the world to Artsakh is a vivid evidence of this. All of them, including Frank Engel, Eleni Theocharous and Jaromír Štětina are real bearers of democratic values.


The visits of international guests and their activities in Artsakh have always been and will be considered legitimate.


Incessant and persistent work should be undertaken for the civilized world to recognize the Artsakh part of our homeland with its democratic institutions. Together we should tirelessly work towards this direction day and night, by completing each other.


With my activities and this statement, I commit myself to work towards Artsakh’s democratic recognition, through maximum opportunities of my status and resources.


It is time to legally discredit and eliminate the so-called “black list” phenomenon: any vicious step by Azerbaijan cannot stop the process of Artsakh’s democratic development.